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>I am going to make an FAQ for this list. So newbies can read it, to help
>them out and for old timers, too. What I want to know is, what questions and
>answers should be in this FAQ.

Before it was spoiled by its own great success, (^_^) the Gundam Project
used to feature Mark Simmons' excellent Gundam FAQ. An abbreviated version
of that still exists on the Anime Village web site, I believe -- I haven't
visited in quite some time, as they haven't released any new Gundam nor
quite gotten around to Brain Powerd and Cowboy Bebop as yet. A precursor
of that FAQ was posted here on 25 July 1998. The fuller Gundam FAQ version
1.3.3 that once graced the Gundam Project was also posted here on 10
November 1996. You might want to review what's already been done before
striking off on your own. Check the Gundam ML Archives and see what people
have asked over the years.

At a minimum, you'll want to list the Gundam Canon -- the anime for certain
and possibly the manga and novel side stories -- both chronologically by
timeline (UC, FC, AC, AW and whatever Turn A is finally revealed to be) and
in order of creation in the real world.

Other topics that always need some explanation:

What is a Newtype? (Newtypes, psycom, bio-soldiers, psychickers, etc.)

What is Minovsky physics? (Fusion, MCS, beam weapons, I-fields, etc.)

What are Sides and where are they located? (Lagrange points and colonies)

Who are the various factions and what do they want? (Avoid SPOILERS, please)

What are Mobile Suits? (MS, petite MS, middle MS, MA, MF, MD, etc.)

Who builds MS? (Anaheim, Augusta, Scirocco, SNRI, Zeonic, Zimmad, etc.)

Who's Who? (Stick to the majors here and, again, avoid SPOILERS)

What is a [fill in Gundam-unique item here]? (Solar Ray, normal suit, etc.)

You'll find the answers to most of these questions at the Gundam Project or
my own Gundam High Frontier and a number of other fine sites, all linked to
the Gundam Project. What you want to do is distill the essence of these
topics and present them in broad strokes, saying no more than absolutely
necessary to give the gist -- raise and answer the questions in as few
words as possible and refer the reader to a more detailed source.

I wish you well!


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