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>1) Is there an existing HG Nobel Gundam 1/100 kit?

        Unfortunately, no...there is a B-Club kit, though, which was available
through HLJ...I'm not sure if they still have stock though.
There is The Rising Gundam though, which is also piloted by a woman. It
has a nice and very interesting bow cannon on the left arm and has a heat
naginata...other than that and a few other things, it is a modified version
of the Shining Gundam.

>2) I'm from the Philippines, does anyone from here know where I
> could find one? HG 1/100s are around $25 here, I'd appreciate
> it if you could refer me to a store that sells it at a cheaper
> price.

        Try around Greenhills. Some of the shops there have reasonable prices.
check out my article at for the shops I recommend (look
for the anime article).

>3) How about ordering from HLJ? Do they have an HG Nobel Gundam? How
> much will it cost including shipment and everything?

        See answer to #1

>4) Are there any figurines/models of Gundam pilots? Like; Allenby
> Beasly or Wufei Chang?

        Hmmm...don't know about Allenby, but you can get a small Wufei Chang
figurine in Preventer uniform when you buy the 1/100 Nataku, which in my
opinion is all that it's good for. The 1/144 Nataku is much better.

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