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>In the latest Hobby Japan I saw some line art of the Gyan in a plane
>configuration. The chest armor was removed and the inner frame became the
>fuselage of the plane, and the pointy head was a nosecone.
>Is this some fan idea, or was this ever shown before?
>BTW the Gyan model looks almost like the ancient Gyan kit except for a very
>detailed shield. The head seems a bit too narrow though.

I am looking at the brand new Bandai 1999 catalog and there's a photo of
the HG Giam kit. None of the stuff you mentioned, and I also don't see why
everyone's being so impressed with the shield. It doesn't look any better
than the old one (unless there are a lot of stuff on the inside) except for
the airbrush job done on it.

Also saw the photos of the MG Dom... honestly I don't think the proportions
looked true to the original Dom. The torso looked like it was vertically
compressed too much. However, the cool parts are:

1 The head moves (the tradeoff: an ugly looking gap where the "neck"
        would be!)

2 Awesome arm joints articulation

3 A MG kit first: all 5 fingers have independent articulation!!!!

4 Waist can tilt forward

Other stuff from the new catalog:

Turn A kits:

- Mobile Flat:

        Butt ugly design conceived solely for ease of 3D polygon modeling
        for video games. Kit transforms, not bad for 500 yen. May release.

- Mobile Kapool:

        Same as above, looks like some lazy designer simply merged the
        elements of the Hygog, Ball, and the rejected amphibian MS from
        the 0079 OYW! June release.

- Mobile Sumo:

        No photos yet, 600 yen, August release.

PG kits:

- MS-06S Char's Zaku II:

        Honestly, the only difference I could tell was the Char figure
        that replaced the grunt pilot. The supposedly different internal
        details was insignificant in degree of variation.

- PG Zaku II Custom Set 2:

        Includes clear body armor and a pair of leg-strapped missile launchers,
        missiles, and a pair of panzerfaulsts. Secret: something is supposed
        to light up, like the PG Gundam's beam sabers...

The MG Black Trianry MS-06R-1A kit still has CG box art. Didn't someone say
that new MG kits will have illustrated box art from now on...? Kit comes
with a bazooka and two styles of magazine in the rear body.


G Generation-0 SD kits:

1 NU Gundam
2 Sazabi
3 Jagd Doga (red)
4 Nemo - Enhanced Armament type (this guy is LOADED!)
5 ReGz Custom (transformable)
6 Gera Doga kai (even more loaded than the enhanced Nemo!)
7 Full Armor Gundam Mk-II (includeds G Denfesor)
8 Zaku III kai (comes with one of those skate/surf board things)
9 Gelgoog (both B and C type options)
10 Ziong (can be built as the Perfect or legless versions)
11 Getsu Baund Dog (transformable, color is mostly grey-ish blue)
12 ZZ Gundam and MechaRider (transformable)
13 Perfect Gundam w/ beam javelin (hehe!)
14 Amuro's Zeta Plus (COOL!)
15 S Gundam & Core Booster (not to be confused with the original)
16 GunCannon (spray missile launcher-equipped)
17 Zaku II full-equipment type
18 GM Custom
19 Kampfer full-armament type

MG SD kits:

Zeta & GP02A!

Finally, SD kits are getting exciting again!


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