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I just finished watching the Turn A opening and its really cool! The Turn A
is one neat robot, the Turn A looks awesome in motion. I didn't like the Turn
A at first, because it was weird looking and the very first pic we saw of
Turn A wasn't that good. Now, I really like the Turn A and if someone doesn't
like it, then that's fine with me, but I like the Turn a lot and after a
while, I feel like the Turn A is still a Gundam, after all. Since there's
1/144 Turn A already out and then a 1/100 Turn A is coming soon, there's no
doubt its here to stay, unless it turns into another Gundam X, not saying
that X is bad, just saying it was canceled before it ended. The Turn A design
takes getting used to, but after I got used to it, I started seeing how cool
the Turn A is! These are just my opinions on the Turn A, so don't bash or
flame what I just wrote. I like it, even if no one else does and those who
don't like it, are entitled to their opinion. I feel like Turn A was made
different, to reinvent the Gundam look and make Gundam fresh and new and
breath new life into Gundam.

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