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> True... then that would eventually come down to either Amuro/Nu :(
> But then, ain't the best pilot/Gundam in the series is the main
> character? Like in GW; Heero/Wing ZERO, in GG; Domon/G Gundam,
> Z; Camille/Z Gundam... etc... etc... so I guess we have to
> narrow the combinations to the main character/hero/villain and
> his or her corresponding Gundam (not MS).

How about this, we take the best Mecha/pilot combo from each series, and
compare them to each other. Performance, fire power, armor, maneuverability,
special powers, kill ratio ... the whole nine yards. Then, we rank them from
top to bottom. This should help finish this thread with an actual result, and
then this list can relax knowing that we can definitely point to the best of
the best Gundam and pilot in all of Gundam.

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