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>Subject: RE: [gundam] Newtypes VS. ZERO System
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> >Ok. In that case, Heero on Zero Gundam Wing versus Amuro on Nu Gundam.
> >Amuro of course. Nu Gundam has probably been acknowledge as the most
> >balanced Gundam in all of the continium, (V2 Gundam comes close). I
> >don't think there were any kind of bits and funnel system in Gundam W.
> >Zero System for my book basically upgrade a normal pilot's response and
> >reflex up to a Newtype level. Amuro's already a Newtype, and with
> >Psychoframe amplifying his power, there is no contest.
> >As for the technology, Magnetic Coating is a technology workaround for
> >OYW era Federation MS's limitation. Amuro is much faster than the MS he
> >is piloting, thus, he is literally wearing out Gundam. With Magnetic
> >Coating, the original Gundam can somewhat keep up with him.
> >Psycommuication system is a Newtype technology that allows the first
> >effective remote piloting drones in the post Minovsky era. Broadcast of
> >Minovsky Particle nullifies radio communication, thus renders remote
> >guidance useless. Psycommu equipped weapon system amplifies the brain
> >wave of the Newtype pilot and broadcast. This is not affected by
> >Minovsky Particle broacast. Psycoframe is a much refined descendant of
> >that technology, which greatly amplified the power of a Newtype pilot.
> >Note, Psycoframe does not work on non-Newtype pilots.
> So, once again it comes down to the pilot and Gundam being suited to each
>other....maybe that would be a good basis for what is the best gundam...by
>asking what is the best Gundam/Pilot combination?

True... then that would eventually come down to either Amuro/Nu :(

But then, ain't the best pilot/Gundam in the series is the main
character? Like in GW; Heero/Wing ZERO, in GG; Domon/G Gundam,
Z; Camille/Z Gundam... etc... etc... so I guess we have to
narrow the combinations to the main character/hero/villain and
his or her corresponding Gundam (not MS).

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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