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>Well, can't exactly do that...since Super Robot Wars is just a FUN
>game...get with the program everybody plz. ^^;; Everybody's SUPER
>DEFORMED...it's supposed to be a cute game!!! Not to be taken seriously
>who's the strongest in that game...it's just supposed to be about a
>psychotic game where robots from all the famous mecha Anime, is stuck
>together into the game...yes crossover madness but then...it's a
>farce/parody...and again...the mechas are in SD form...would you take a
>mecha that looks like that seriously??? Hasn't anybody seen the SD Gundam
>Anime's?? hahaha, jeez. =P

Then how about Neo SRW? Sure, the mechas in SRW may be SD, but it
was only probably so to save time and effort. I mean, which is
harder to draw? A full size Gundam or an SD Gundam? And considering
the number of mechs in the usual SRW compared to Neo SRW, I couldn't
blame them. I think it doesn't affect the difficulty and storyline
however... would you actually say that SRW is that easy to beat? I don't
think so. Well, that's some serious parody we got there.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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