Sun, 30 May 1999 01:59:34 EDT

<< I forgot about that. I know, Bandai could make Gundam work in the USA, if
 they put time, effort, and money into it, not to mention a good Ad campaign.
 The USA needs something in the giant robot genre that's better then the new
 Power Ranger show that comes out every year or two. Yep, Gundam would do
 in the USA, if Bandai Japan gave it their full support and if Gundam fails
 the US, no ones to blame but Bandai Japan. What bothers me is, why hasn't
 Animevillage announced any new Gundam titles, yet? I mean, at least Gundam
 Wing, Turn A, and 08th MS Team should have been announced by AV, by now.
 Since Brain Powerd is on their release list, why not 08th MS Team and Turn
A? >>

Hey, if people can make Power Rangers work, Gundam is a heck of a lot easier
to sell (in my opinion). Of course, this all goes into getting good dubbing,
and most US dubs are bad. It remains to be seen if anime can be well-dubbed
and sold to the American public, and that will come with Mononoke Hime, I
hope. As to releasing them from animevillage.com ... Maybe. I think Gundam
deserves better, though, and as in better, I mean the American public. With
Bandai's support, Gundam would probably make it. And I hope it does.

This is my first post, so hi everyone.
I've got a little bit of GW fanart on my site, take a look if you have time?
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