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> Exactly. Bendai's hot-new HGUC (High Grage Universal
> Century) model series serves mainly 2 purposes: 1) to
> re-release some long forgotten MS classics like the
> GunCannon, Quebeley, etc. which was manufactured badly
> as LG/UG models the 1st time they released and 2) to
> replace the previous HG series (yes, that's right!)
> which means grabbing more $$ from us. Don't be
> surprised if RX-78 will get re-released as HGUC, even
> a HG version already exists.

Exactly, this new HGUC line didn't surprise me too much, I was wondering when
Bandai would do something like this HGUC line. That new Gun Cannon is very
cool and so is the Zaku III Kai.

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