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> Gundam W is a fine example, so are the 008x & 08th MS
> Team OVAs.

Yep, Gundam W is a fine example. I meant a new non-Gundam robot show
replacement, if they decide to stop Gundam all together.

> I don't think they've learned the mistake from
> Tamagochi. This year they r hanging their hope on
> something new again to turn the red tide in the past 2
> years. All we can do now is to cross our fingers &
> hope Gundam models biz won't get swept away should
> Bandai goes belly up.

I know what you mean. I'm sure Wave or somebody would make Gundam kits, if
the giant Bandai falls down. They may not be as good as Bandai, but they
would make Gundam kits. I read somewhere that some companies wanted to make
Gundam toys and where going to, until Bandai grabbed up MSG.

> The ALT series basically fit your description. i don't
> mind if Tomino actaully called it quit now, as other
> writers can do just as good.

Yep, because some ALT series are made by another person and not Tomino. I
agree, there's people with Tominos skills that could do just as good a job as

> Japanese companies seldom treat their overseas
> customers well. Basically all the hypes are generated
> by the fans themselves. We never see any Bandai people
> doing any promotion outside of Japan. If they can't
> make the Gundam franchise a success in U.S., that's
> solely their fault.

I forgot about that. I know, Bandai could make Gundam work in the USA, if
they put time, effort, and money into it, not to mention a good Ad campaign.
The USA needs something in the giant robot genre that's better then the new
Power Ranger show that comes out every year or two. Yep, Gundam would do well
in the USA, if Bandai Japan gave it their full support and if Gundam fails in
the US, no ones to blame but Bandai Japan. What bothers me is, why hasn't
Animevillage announced any new Gundam titles, yet? I mean, at least Gundam
Wing, Turn A, and 08th MS Team should have been announced by AV, by now.
Since Brain Powerd is on their release list, why not 08th MS Team and Turn A?

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