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I wrote earlier:
>> hmm... there's no record of Char used nuke to
>> destroyFed's warship, but rather on his piloting
>> skill. bear in mind that Zaku II's 120mm machine
gun >> & heat hawk r good enough to penetrate
>> ships'(relatively thin) armor & the Zeon brass was
>> totally caught off-guard when they knew Fed's
Gundam >> can carry beam weapons.
then -Z- <Z@Gundam.Com> wrote:
> The "omake" (extra) that accompanied 08th MS Team
> states that Char's great feat was made possible by a
> combination of his custom Zaku's greater speed >
(either 30% faster or 3 times as fast -- I've seen >
both and believe the former is the more correct)

yes it's the former, every tech menu stated that his
MS-06S's back pack is 30% more power than the regular
MS-06F, yet its dry weight is almost 2 tons lighter.
probably engines build w/ lighter material. i dunno.

> The fact that he took each ship out may be
> attributable to nuclear weapons or to the
> ever-popular "weak point" (reactor, ammunition
> magazine, main engine, main cannon) that allows a
> single shot to initiate a chain reaction that takes
> out the entire ship. The use of nukes is never
> addressed in the anime.

the latter is more logical. Remember that's how
Amuro's RX-78 taking out Zeon's warship by 'inserting'
beam sabres to the weak points in 0079? I think Char
got his 2-rank promotion from Lt. JG to Major was
mostly his piloting ability. Although the Battle of
Ruum was a battle of nukes, then most ordinary solders
should have been Colonels after it :) I suspect that
even just 14 days after the declaration of war, Zeon
suffers just as bad as the Feds & shortages already
manifested in the military, to the point that only
special units such as sabortage MS teams got the nukes
to force colony drops or a large Fed's Fleet. Of
courses it's perfectly okay for Char to waste 5 ship
w/ nukes, but it's not economical from Zeon
standpoint, & that's why they want to start & end the
war swiftly in the first place.

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