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> If he decides to finish up Gundam, then we can do
> nothing about it. I doubt Gundam will end anytime
> soon, though. If Gundam ends after Turn A, then
> Bandai will most probably make a new robot show,
> that can sell merchandise like Gundam does.

Gundam W is a fine example, so are the 008x & 08th MS
Team OVAs.

> I figure Bandai will keep Gundam alive, even if
> Tomino finishes up Gundam, because from what I've
> read, Bandai is very cautious and try to avoid high
> risk.

I don't think they've learned the mistake from
Tamagochi. This year they r hanging their hope on
something new again to turn the red tide in the past 2
years. All we can do now is to cross our fingers &
hope Gundam models biz won't get swept away should
Bandai goes belly up.

> If Bandai's like that, they will either keep Gundam
> alive or create something similar to Gundam, that
> they know will sale well.

The ALT series basically fit your description. i don't
mind if Tomino actaully called it quit now, as other
writers can do just as good.

> ...If Gundam finishes up in Japan, Bandai could
> direct all their attention to US Gundam fans. Yeah,
> right, I'm dreaming now.

Japanese companies seldom treat their overseas
customers well. Basically all the hypes are generated
by the fans themselves. We never see any Bandai people
doing any promotion outside of Japan. If they can't
make the Gundam franchise a success in U.S., that's
solely their fault.

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