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>>> At 06:11 PM 5/28/99 , Nightingale wrote:
>>>In fact, in the early stage of the One Year War,
>>> some Zaku's bazookas were equipped with nuclear
>>> warhead before the Antactic Treaty was signed.
>--- Rodrick Su <rsu@tigana.com> wrote:
>> Very true. Char's awesome 5 capital ship count will
>> be reduced had it not for nukes. On the other hand,
>> how many capital ship did Amuro bagged himself
>during > OYW? He must have taken out a couple with
>the beam > rifle.
>hmm... there's no record of Char used nuke to destroy
>Fed's warship, but rather on his piloting skill. bear
>in mind that Zaku II's 120mm machine gun & heat hawk r
>good enough to penetrate ships' (relatively thin)
>armor & the Zeon brass was totally caught off-guard
>when they knew Fed's Gundam can carry beam weapons.

The "omake" (extra) that accompanied 08th MS Team states that Char's great
feat was made possible by a combination of his custom Zaku's greater speed
(either 30% faster or 3 times as fast -- I've seen both and believe the
former is the more correct) and his technique of diving straight into a
ship, then flipping over and "landing" on both feet in such a way as to
springboard from one ship to another. Ping, ping, ping, Ricochet Comet...!

The fact that he took each ship out may be attributable to nuclear weapons
or to the ever-popular "weak point" (reactor, ammunition magazine, main
engine, main cannon) that allows a single shot to initiate a chain reaction
that takes out the entire ship. The use of nukes is never addressed in the

>Asking which Gundam is the most powerful is a very
>objective question, w/ many factors to be inluded. If
>u ask me, though, just based on weaponary alone to
>create maximum destruction, i'll go w/ the Gundam X,
>w/ its all-mighty solar cannon built to destroy space

The "standard" beam rifle introduced with the original Gundam was a
surprisingly powerful weapon from the Zeon viewpoint, being the equivalent
of a ship-mounted magaparticle cannon. The Satellite Cannon introduced
with the Gundam X is more on par with the Solar Ray System -- orders of
magnitude more powerful than any portable beam weapon yet seen.


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