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 If he decides to finish up Gundam, then we can do nothing about it. I doubt
 Gundam will end anytime soon, though. If Gundam ends after Turn A, then
 Bandai will most probably make a new robot show, that can sell merchandise
 like Gundam does. I figure Bandai will keep Gundam alive, even if Tomino
 finishes up Gundam, because from what I've read, Bandai is very cautious and
 try to avoid high risk. If Bandai's like that, they will either keep Gundam
 alive or create something similar to Gundam, that they know will sale well.
 mean, Gundam makes Bandai a lot of money and I don't see how Bandai can
 Gundam to finish, unless they have a new show up their sleeve, that could do
 just as well as Gundam does. If Gundam finishes up in Japan, Bandai could
 direct all their attention to US Gundam fans. Yeah, right, I'm dreaming now.
 Aaron >>
Well to be honest, even if Turn A is/was the last Gundam series, I am sure
that Gundam models will still be cranked out. I mean look at the majority of
the kits coming out. They are mainly old designs. So even if Turn A is the
end of the Shows/Movies, it isn't the end of the models.

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