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>> You know, a better comparison might be:
>> NT1 "Alex" with non-NT pilot, vs
>> Nu Gundam with non-NT pilot.
>Even without the funnels (which is the main weapon system of Nu Gundam
>that requires Newtype pilot), Nu Gundam will still eat Alex alive. It's

        True. The Alex on its own (with only the 90mm cannons) is probably
not going to match up to the Nu very well. =)

        Is there any point in comparing MS from across series? Each series
has it's own "super" Gundam, and if you really want to compare, the tech
between the years probably made the older model obsolete.. I mean, would an
RX-78 attempt to engage a GP03? and the two models are only 3 years apart..
How would a GP03 match up against Z or ZZ Gundams? Each Gundam in each
individual "era", i.e. OYW period, covering 0079 to 0080, the 0083 series, Z
to CCA, can be compared within the time frame, but to compare across era is
doing the Gundam a gross disservice.

        Sorry if I seem to be rambling, but it's early morning here, and I
haven't had my caffeine fix yet. =)

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