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earlier i wrote:

(0083's Zaku head: kit bash)
>> try to flatten the original 0079 Zaku head a little
>> more. The 0083 Zaku top of head is barely above the
>> spike of the left shoulder armor;

then geraldk <> wrote:

> i din know that the head need to be squished up
> i was thinking of making the shield larger and
> thicker... and the spike longer instead..hmm

the 0083 Zak's head size is somewhere between 0079's
Zaku (the biggest) and 0080's Zaku FZ (the smallest).
Anyway ur right shoulder shield looks thick enuff. i
think the smaller head size is due to Katoki's
re-drawing of oyw's mechas rather than a thorough
re-sign like those in 0080. If u perk up the spikes &
thicken the right shield, it'll look even more unnatural.
Colin Liu.
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