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> Ah, but then agin, that was just a diorama scene,
> and nothing more. As far as we know, someone stuck
> in that Serpent just for the fun of it.

but i don't think the Bandai people will do anything
too out-of-line to make then look foolish. In fact i
wouldn't mind if Turn-A's timeline is
cross-dimensional, as the name Turn-A suggests &
explained by Tomino himself in the interview.

> So, what if Tomino decided to break the rules and
> said it was all a simulation of some type by the >
Moonies in the end?

that means Tomino is run out of ideas, Turn-A implies
that he no longer want to drag on w/ the UC series. I
wouldn't be surprised if he calls it a day after Turn
A & Gaia Gear comics.

Colin Liu.
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