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>Deathscythe's cool too, ... has a cloaking device, so it's as good as Wing
>Zero and
>Epyon =)

Aha! A Gundam W fan... now, I haven't seen any other Gundam series
aside from GW, but Amuro and his Nu Gundam have a reputation to
boast. In the game Super Robot Wars F Final... Duo even referred
to Amuro as the "legendary Gundam pilot". Given a choice in the
game, I'd pick Amuro and his Nu Gundam over Duo and his Deathscythe
anyday. The Deathscythe's too slow and it's aim is no good either.
And that Duo... what level does he get 2 Turns anyway? 100?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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