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>Heero, of course =)

Hmm... you're just saying that cause Heero's a bishonen ^^;

Anyway, regarding your previous question; comparing pilots instead
of units? Now that would be down right unfair. It will eventually
come down to Amuro and Domon. But, the control of Gundams from the
G Gundam series is very different from the usual Gundam. I'm sure
you've heard of, no, seen, Daimos... the pilots in G Gundam wear
these tight-fitting suits called "Mobile Dress" which allow them
to control the Gundam's movement by moving thenmselves. Thus, one
has to be a really good martial artist in order to pilot such a
mobile suit/fighter competitively. So the real difference is in
the pilots, not the mobile suits. That's why we should compare
the Gundams themselves instead of the pilots.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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