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At 09:18 PM 5/28/99 , Lim Jyue wrote:
> You know, a better comparison might be:
> NT1 "Alex" with non-NT pilot, vs
> Nu Gundam with non-NT pilot.
> Since both Gundam are built for NTs at about the same era
>(within 10
>years of each other?), with the Nu being more specialized, in a straight
>fight between the two, which will win?
> The question of which Gundam is the most powerful shouldn't
>NTs, since 1) NTs are so rare, and 2) several Gundams are built
>for NTs while some are not. To get a decent comparison, we should not
>put a
>NT pilot in the cockpit..

Even without the funnels (which is the main weapon system of Nu Gundam
that requires Newtype pilot), Nu Gundam will still eat Alex alive. It's
a 15 years of newer technology, better thrust, more power beam weapon,
more agile... It's like asking a Zero going up against a F-4. The F-4
will eat the Zero for lunch, without using missles.

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