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At 01:38 AM 5/29/99 , Richie Ramos wrote:
>>> Conceivably it can be done, but the question is if there would
>be time to
>>>do that, or if the Pilot would use that...I would think that the NU
>>>should use the fannels to do multiple point attack on the G, which
>>>the Nu itself to either join in or use its long-range attacks...of
>>>if the Pilot is New Type, and a strong one at that, then all bets
>would be
>>But doesn't the G Gundam become almost invincible/invulnerable and
>>"fast" when it turns "Hyper Mode"?
> Consideringthe various facets of Newtype powers, I wuldn't put
>it past
>Amuro to find a way to knock the GG out in one way or another...after
>the fannels look decidedly FAST when they move too.

Actually, the funnels for Nu Gundam was too fast. They picked up on
Amuro's sub-consciouness and act on it. Thus, they move by reflex, and
Amuro is famous for his superhuman reflex and accuracy.

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