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>Subject: RE: [gundam] Most Powerful Gundam - TRUE TEST
>Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 10:08:31 -0700
> > > Hmm... well, you do have a point, but... Okay, let's take this for
> > > instance. Which of these do you think is most powerful; Nu
> > > Gundam piloted
> > > by Kou Uraki, Wing ZERO Custom piloted by Kou Uraki, G Gundam
> > > piloted by
> > > Kou Uraki, or any other Gundam you can think of, piloted by
> > > Kou Uraki.
> > > That should settle it.
>Wait a minute... If KOU gets all these gundams, then the world must be a
>hellish place by now, with at least half the gundams being stolen right
>under his nose, and the entire federation crumbing to dust while he
>on and fights his petty fights.
>Y. Choe

Ha ha... very funny. I was actually saying; what if each Gundam had
a clone... no, an exact double of Kou Uraki, who thinks, and feels
exactly the same, as a pilot for each Gundam. In other words,
non-Newtype pilots who have the same capabilities.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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