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> > Which would win in this fight; Amuro Ray in any Gundam unit w/o
> > the ZERO System or Heero in the same kind of unit but equipped
> > with the ZERO System?
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>That's not exactly a fair question. Lets equipped both Amuro and Heero in
>Nu Gundam with Psychoframe. Amuro is perfectly fine with this technology,
>and able to direct funnel with his reflex. Heero won't be able to do a
>thing with it. So you end up with a duel between a highly trained
>with a high performance mobile suit against a MS ace who have fought
>the best MS aces for 15 years with funnels and beam barrier. It's isn't
>exactly a fair fight in terms of equipment.
>Scale that back a bit and just go with RX78-2 with magnetic coating, and
>fight will be more even.

I simply want to know which is more efficient; an ace Newtype or
a highly trained pilot using the ZERO System. By the way, what
exactly does the Psychoframe and the Magnet Coating do? I only
these as "mecha parts/equipment" in Super Robot Wars.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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