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> Hello everyone. I have a few questions concerning the MG GP02 model that I
> bought a while ago. I don't know what to do with the heavy sized shield
> the arm structure. First, the shield is way too heavy for the hands to
> hold. Second, the arm that is supposed to connect the ball socket in the
> shoulder, is way to lose and tends to drop off if you try to bend the
> or any manipulation in the arm. So does anyone have any ideas or tips on
> how to solve these problems? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.

First off, the easiest way to fix the ball joint problem is to put some super
glue on the ball, then place the ball in its socket. When the glue hardens,
move the ball around in its socket it brake it free from the glue. Super glue
will not stick to poly-caps, so this is a good way to tighten poly-cap
joints. Since the joint you're asking about should be a plastic ball in a
poly-cap socket, this method should work out for you. As to the shield, I
have mine resting on the left foot with the left hand holding it up against
the left shoulder. It looks very impressive standing with my MG RX-78-3 on
it's right, and my MG RX-178 MkII Titan type on its left. It looks even more
impressive when I place my R-44 Guntank (also 1/100 scale) right in front of
the GP02a.

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