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>> At 06:11 PM 5/28/99 , Nightingale wrote:
>>In fact, in the early stage of the One Year War,
>> some Zaku's bazookas were equipped with nuclear
>> warhead before the Antactic Treaty was signed.

--- Rodrick Su <> wrote:
> Very true. Char's awesome 5 capital ship count will
> be reduced had it not for nukes. On the other hand,
> how many capital ship did Amuro bagged himself
during > OYW? He must have taken out a couple with
the beam > rifle.

hmm... there's no record of Char used nuke to destroy
Fed's warship, but rather on his piloting skill. bear
in mind that Zaku II's 120mm machine gun & heat hawk r
good enough to penetrate ships' (relatively thin)
armor & the Zeon brass was totally caught off-guard
when they knew Fed's Gundam can carry beam weapons.

Asking which Gundam is the most powerful is a very
objective question, w/ many factors to be inluded. If
u ask me, though, just based on weaponary alone to
create maximum destruction, i'll go w/ the Gundam X,
w/ its all-mighty solar cannon built to destroy space

Colin Liu.
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