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Lets see..for the complete newbie I guess Gundam Wing is a good place to start to get a feel for the series..t
the chain would go something like this

Gundam Wing->Endless Waltz->Gundam 0083->Zeta Gundam->Mobile Suit Gundam->08th MS team->Gundam 0080->ZZ Gundam->Char's Counter Attack->F91->Victory Gundam

Optional Viewing

G Gundam
Gundam X
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    Start with Gundam Wing, definitely =)
    Snapdragon wrote:

        Hello everyone^^ I have no idea how many of you there are....and I'm not
        about to count. So surely, a few of you could help.
        I have not seen Gundam, Gundam Wing, or any other thing related, but I would
        like to. I've had my interest piqued. I've scoured the web for sites with
        info, but most really only concentrate on one specific thing. I was
        wondering, where do you all think I should start? Viewing, I mean.

        Thanks for listening^^

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