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        You know, a better comparison might be:

        NT1 "Alex" with non-NT pilot, vs
        Nu Gundam with non-NT pilot.

        Since both Gundam are built for NTs at about the same era (within 10
years of each other?), with the Nu being more specialized, in a straight up
fight between the two, which will win?

        The question of which Gundam is the most powerful shouldn't include
NTs, since 1) NTs are so rare, and 2) several Gundams are built specially
for NTs while some are not. To get a decent comparison, we should not put a
NT pilot in the cockpit..

        Also, comparing non-UC Gundams and UC Gundams is a bit illogical,
since the 2 types obviously use different attacking styles... I personally
think G and EW to be a bit .. well.. unrealistic, but that's IMHO. The MS in
these shows are built to be the be all and end all of Gundams, whereas
Gundams in OYW, 0080, 0083, Z, ZZ, CCA are just slightly more powerful MS
than GMs.

        my 2 cents.

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