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>So you're actually saying that having super powers for mecha in a show
>which was actually meant for realistic mecha combat is good? Gundam is
>OBVIOUSLY made back when mecha with super powers dominated Japan's air
>waves. It was made to show to the Japanese audience that there is more to
>mecha than just super power wielding robots. And since Gundam was designed
>to be a more realistic rendition of mecha combat, I do not agree with what
>the franchise owners have done with G Gundam.

Gundam didn't get away from super-powers until War In The Pocket & Stardust
Memories. You still had Newtypes with powers that were exploited and
augmented by thier mecha.

  Gundam is supposed to be set
>aside from "I've got a big gun/sword" stereotype, and it's supposed to be
>about politics and war...which in turn is politics. G Gundam is about a
>group of mecha that have been called Gundam to fight in a tournament to
>decide which faction controls the solar system for the next how many years?
> Also, Gundam is supposed to be a prototype mecha for the production of
>mass production MS'...Now Gundam is just an overly powerful robot with big

I seem to remember a sizable number of distinct Gundams in both Wing and X.
I've always thought it odd that X, W, & G use the Gundam designation so
freely, but I'm beginning to see that it's really more of recognizing
Gundam as more than just a mecha icon, but an archetype, becoming a term
for heroic military robots much as the term "mecha" had come to describe
giant robots in general.

I've only read various synopses and scripts for G Gundam, but I think it
did fine without rehashing the Earth/Colony war the way X & W did. G Gundam
instead followed a classic martial arts theme, gaining power and learning
to control before it takes control of you(namely, the Devil Gundam). I'm a
long-time UC fan, it was hard for me to accept Wing Gundam, and I still
have a problem with X, but I've always seen G Gundam as a novelty among the
Gundam shows, hardly an abberation.

Besides, I love the Bolt Gundam. Always have, always will!

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