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> >I don't think you can actually compare the Mobile Fighter MS' with the MS'
> >that are actually closer to reality...this isn't a Dai Rangers show... :D
> Actually, I'm getting sick on how the G Gundam MS is commonly
> discriminated.

You're wrong about that, Gundam Wing is the most commonly discriminated here =)

> A Gundam is a Gundam... Mobile Fighter MS still has basic
> MS weaponry like Vulcans, Machine Cannons, and Beam Swords (Sabers). Mobile
> Fighter MS are just another variation to the limitless possibilities of
> the Gundam design if you ask me. Purist Gundam fans shouldn't discriminate
> G Gundam because of the "super martial arts" element in it. Even the GW, I
> guess it got generally more popular because there are distinct variations
> in the designs of
> the five/six main Gundams.

It also got popular because of the handsome pilots. =)

> As for me, I like crossovers/mixes, I
> actually like the thought of G Gundam being a cross between Gundam
> and Dragonball Z or Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

Yu Yu Hakusho and DragonBall Z mix up with Gundams? boy, you DO have a great
imagination =)

> I love crossovers, that's why
> the SRW series is probably my most favorite game. It just depends on the
> individual tastes I guess.
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