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hahaha, but then what happens if the nukes misses??? :D

>>"Daniel A. Fisher" wrote:
>>> >If you go by sheer firepower, it's no contest: the Gundam X and its
>>> >Satellite Cannon, which were designed and used to shoot down entire space
>>> >colonies!
>>> that case, what about the DOUBLE X????
>>Um Guys Hate to shoot you all down, but the Jion's Quin Mantha will roast
>>of the others hands down. It fried the Mark II, Melted the hyakushiki,
>>destroyed the Zeta and fragged the electronics on the Full Armor ZZ. If
>>and the Jion's had mass produced that suit then I think that the AEUG would
>>have been toasted. That suit is a New Type suit and has the psycho-mu
frame in
>>it. and 30 funnels Quite nasty
> I think there might be one unit thats gotten a little overlooked
>- the GP-02a. After all, that nuked most of a Federation *Navy*... ^_^
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