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Fri, 28 May 1999 19:35:42 -0700

Till then, Virtual On will be my aid in satisfying my mecha combat needs. :)

>Check out the movies of this game at the following address:
>Download the The Sky Is Falling! (Not actual game music) 7400K one, its
>almost at the bottom of the site and its the biggest and shows more of the
>game then the other ones. I know its not Gundam, but it is a mecha game. It
>looks A LOT better then the first one, which was disappointing, to put it
>mildly. It also has a September 1999 release date for the USA version!
>Hopefully, it will use the PlayStations analog stick and dual shock
>Just to stay somewhat on topic, now Bandai needs a Gundam game that looks
>like VFX-2, since the movie seems to indicate that VFX-2 will be action
>packed. Towards the end of the movie, it shows the Valkyrie flip its gun and
>uses it to swat at an enemy Valkyrie! Hope that's part of the game play. If
>it plays as good as it looks, it would work good for a Gundam game engine.
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Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at

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