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> Now that ancient Universal Century MS have been
> unearthed in Turn A Gundam, it's time to revisit
that > "2345" date. I see only three possibilities:

> .... 2. The date is AD 2345, the residents of Earth
> having reverted to the Gregorian calendar after
> living up space travel and other "high"
technologies. > This is possible if you accept that
the UC calendar
> began on or about AD 2045, which would put UC 0203
> (the endpoint of Gaia*Gear) at AD 2248. It also
> allows only a maximum of 95 years between the end of
> the UC calendar (circa AD 2250) and the events of
> Turn A.

> 3. The date is in an entirely new calendar started
> at some indeterminate time after the last official
> entry in the UC timeline. This raises the same
> question as Option 1, with another two or three
> centuries of downtime for the MS.

I'm very much tempted to think (2) was the one, but
after what i saw from the photo of the official model
kits Turn-A war scene set up by Bandai at the Shizuoka
model show, it seems that (3) is a logical one because
in that war scene, mechas from both the UC (Rick Dias
from Z Gundam) and ALT (Serpent Custom from Endless
Waltz) are featured. That means the timeline in Turn-A
is pretty much arbitrary, as Tomino is free to do
whatever he wants this time w/o the previous
constraint of doing another UC series.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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