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> So you're actually saying that having super powers for mecha in a show
> which was actually meant for realistic mecha combat is good? Gundam is
> OBVIOUSLY made back when mecha with super powers dominated Japan's air
> waves. It was made to show to the Japanese audience that there is more to
> mecha than just super power wielding robots. And since Gundam was designed
> to be a more realistic rendition of mecha combat, I do not agree with what
> the franchise owners have done with G Gundam. Gundam is supposed to be set
> aside from "I've got a big gun/sword" stereotype, and it's supposed to be
> about politics and war...which in turn is politics. G Gundam is about a
> group of mecha that have been called Gundam to fight in a tournament to
> decide which faction controls the solar system for the next how many years?
> Also, Gundam is supposed to be a prototype mecha for the production of
> mass production MS'...Now Gundam is just an overly powerful robot with big
> guns.

I've noticed that stuff about G Gundam and newer Gundam shows, I've never
seen G Gundam, it may be a great show, but G Gundam sounds like Gundam,
Street Fighter style. Gundam is supposed to be about real giant robots that
are feasiably possiable, not Super Fighter Ryu Gundam Kung Fu :)

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