Stuart Ng (
Fri, 28 May 1999 19:30:41 -0700

>>Which is the most powerful Gundam anyway? Um, from ALL the Gundam series
>>(that includes G Gundam), and regardless of the pilot...
>Define "powerful" ... and specify whether you mean the Gundam itself,
>stripped of all weaponry, or the most powerful weapon unique to that Gundam.
>If you go by sheer firepower, it's no contest: the Gundam X and its
>Satellite Cannon, which were designed and used to shoot down entire space

Gundam? X?? I don't even count that as a Gundam...since it was a spin off
of a bad Anime; Gundam spinning off of a bad Gundam Anime, being
bad's even more distant since it's practically like a franchise
of a franchise.

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