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You can't compare's like comparing...who is stronger? Son
Gokou or Ryu? Can't compare because they are designed specifically for
totally different worlds. To my knowledge, the universe which G Gundam
resides in is totally different.

>> >>I would have to say Nu Gundam. It focuses the most newtype energy to my
>> >>knowledge, and has an I Field and a fin funnel bit system. Also toutes
>> >>missile launcher, with standard beam rifle, 1 light sabre, couple of
>> >>missile racks...that's what I can remember.
>> >But can't even the Shining Gundam's "Shining Finger" break through
>> >the I Field? What does the I Field do anyway aside from blocking
>> >beam attacks?
>> Conceivably it can be done, but the question is if there would be time to
>>do that, or if the Pilot would use that...I would think that the NU pilot
>>should use the fannels to do multiple point attack on the G, which allows
>>the Nu itself to either join in or use its long-range attacks...of course,
>>if the Pilot is New Type, and a strong one at that, then all bets would be
>But doesn't the G Gundam become almost invincible/invulnerable and
>"fast" when it turns "Hyper Mode"? You know, Dragonball syndrome?
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