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Now that ancient Universal Century MS have been unearthed in Turn A Gundam,
it's time to revisit that "2345" date. I see only three possibilities:

1. The date is UC 2345, over two millennia after the last official entry
in the UC timeline. Would the MS really still be functional after so long
a time?

2. The date is AD 2345, the residents of Earth having reverted to the
Gregorian calendar after giving up space travel and other "high"
technologies. This is possible if you accept that the UC calendar began on
or about AD 2045, which would put UC 0203 (the endpoint of Gaia*Gear) at AD
2248. It also allows only a maximum of 95 years between the end of the UC
calendar (circa AD 2250) and the events of Turn A.

3. The date is in an entirely new calendar started at some indeterminate
time after the last official entry in the UC timeline. This raises the
same question as Option 1, with another two or three centuries of downtime
for the MS.


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