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At 06:11 PM 5/28/99 , Nightingale wrote:
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>> writes:
>> I think there might be one unit thats
>> gotten a little overlooked
>> - the GP-02a. After all, that nuked most of a
>> Federation *Navy*... ^_^
>> >>
>> But for other then that it really is underarmed. If
>> all you need is a nuke,
>> you could strap one on a zaku for that matter.
>In fact, in the early stage of the One Year War, some
>Zaku's bazookas were equipped with nuclear warhead
>before the Antactic Treaty was signed.

Very true. Char's awesome 5 capital ship count will be reduced had it
not for nukes. On the other hand, how many capital ship did Amuro bagged
himself during OYW? He must have taken out a couple with the beam rifle.

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