Fri, 28 May 1999 20:58:09 EDT

Check out the movies of this game at the following address:

Download the The Sky Is Falling! (Not actual game music) 7400K one, its
almost at the bottom of the site and its the biggest and shows more of the
game then the other ones. I know its not Gundam, but it is a mecha game. It
looks A LOT better then the first one, which was disappointing, to put it
mildly. It also has a September 1999 release date for the USA version!
Hopefully, it will use the PlayStations analog stick and dual shock features.
Just to stay somewhat on topic, now Bandai needs a Gundam game that looks
like VFX-2, since the movie seems to indicate that VFX-2 will be action
packed. Towards the end of the movie, it shows the Valkyrie flip its gun and
uses it to swat at an enemy Valkyrie! Hope that's part of the game play. If
it plays as good as it looks, it would work good for a Gundam game engine.

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