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> I thought I had it down pat but the whole resin kit confused me

Ok, I'll try to explain it:
Bandai makes plastic injection kits, the standrad that everyone builds. Resin
kits are made by B-Club, a division of Bandai. Resin kits are usually molded
all in white, a tannish color, or light grey, from what I've heard. Most
Bandai kits are molded in color, whereas resin are either fixed pose or
poseable, require paint, glue, sanding, and a lot of work, I have never built
one, because they cost more and I am not ready to tackle an advanced project
yet. Bandai plastic kits are snap together and usually don't require paint,
but will look more accurate then not painting them. Don't build resin until
you get some experince, because from what I've read, resin kits require a lot
of work. Bandai's plastic kits which are the ones all American Import stores
sale, are as easy to build and if you don't mind a sorta toy-like, look, then
theres usually no need to paint. The plastic Bandai kits will have a
red-square, with Bandai written, in white, within the red box, its the same
label thats on the power ranger toys.
The words look like this:


The words are in white, in a rounded edge red square. The resin one's will
say B-Club somewhere one the box.

Hope that helps,

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