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> >Are we talking about firepower or just abilities?? I'll say
> abilities are
> >more important than firepower. Sure big guns, looks cool
> but that's not
> >the
> >point. Newtype is what counts. Just look back at one year
> war, Amuro Ray
> >destroyed bazillions of MS and Kick ass MA with a mere RX-78
> gundam. And
> >Nu
> >gundam is designed purposely for the newtype use. So I
> would say Nu gundam
> >is overall the best gundam, regardless of the firepower the
> other gundams
> >have.
> Hmm... well, you do have a point, but... Okay, let's take this for
> instance. Which of these do you think is most powerful; Nu
> Gundam piloted
> by Kou Uraki, Wing ZERO Custom piloted by Kou Uraki, G Gundam
> piloted by
> Kou Uraki, or any other Gundam you can think of, piloted by
> Kou Uraki.
> That should settle it.

Let's not use Kou, since he is not Newtype, and some of Gundam you listed
will have capabilities reduced if not piloted by Newtype. Lets tried as
pilot, Judo, who is a fairly powerful Newtype.
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