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> Which would win in this fight; Amuro Ray in any Gundam unit w/o
> the ZERO System or Heero in the same kind of unit but equipped
> with the ZERO System?

That's not exactly a fair question. Lets equipped both Amuro and Heero in
Nu Gundam with Psychoframe. Amuro is perfectly fine with this technology,
and able to direct funnel with his reflex. Heero won't be able to do a
thing with it. So you end up with a duel between a highly trained terrorist
with a high performance mobile suit against a MS ace who have fought against
the best MS aces for 15 years with funnels and beam barrier. It's isn't
exactly a fair fight in terms of equipment.

Scale that back a bit and just go with RX78-2 with magnetic coating, and the
fight will be more even.
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