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> >If you go by sheer firepower, it's no contest: the Gundam X and its
> >Satellite Cannon, which were designed and used to shoot down entire space
> >colonies!
> that case, what about the DOUBLE X????
> Ja!
> D

Um Guys Hate to shoot you all down, but the Jion's Quin Mantha will roast all
of the others hands down. It fried the Mark II, Melted the hyakushiki, nearly
destroyed the Zeta and fragged the electronics on the Full Armor ZZ. If Hamman
and the Jion's had mass produced that suit then I think that the AEUG would
have been toasted. That suit is a New Type suit and has the psycho-mu frame in
it. and 30 funnels Quite nasty

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