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<< I was wondering (since I'm totally new to modeling in general) what
 be the best model to get for a beginner, and what supplies I would need to
 get started. Also do you have to know Japanese to be able to put the
 yeah I new also. what would I need to put te models together? And would I
 need to know Japanese?

With most of the newer kits all you really need is a nail clippers, as they
are snap-together models that are usually molded in color. You don't need to
read Japanese at all, though in the case of the screws on a perfect grade you
need to associate the correct Japanese characters with the correct screws.
But actually other then that it is pretty straight forward. I would
personally recommend any of the following kits:

Any MG model, preferrably the MG Dom. (though I'd say do the Zeta Last
because it might be a little hard for a newbie)

the 0080 model collection (but the best ones to get in this are the Rick Dom
II, any GM, of the others But avoid the Gelgooog JG the most)

The 08th MS team line (especially the Gouf's)

I would definately avoid certain models like the orginal 0083 line.

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