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"Raitenshi Veilchen" <> wrote on Thursday May
27, 1999 at 11:22pm:
>Well, what I actually meant by "powerful" is the weapon/ability
unique to
>a particular Gundam, as well as how an ordinary pilot could
efficiently use
>it in battle. Sure the GX has that Satellite Cannon,
>but can it shoot the Nu Gundam in time before the Fin Funnels strike
>it down first? By the way, I wonder why the Wing an Nu Gundam isn't
>included in Real Robots Final Attack? Is it the only game to have
>Gundam X in it other than G Generation?

The question is can the Nu Gundam be effectively used by an ordinary
pilot given that it is designed for a new type? What good are the Fin
Funnels if they can't be used by a regular joe like Kou Uraki?

Given that the performance of a gundam is so dependant on the pilot,
could Gundam X with Amuro as its' pilot trash the hell out of Nu


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