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>>I would have to say Nu Gundam. It focuses the most newtype energy to my
>>knowledge, and has an I Field and a fin funnel bit system. Also toutes a
>>missile launcher, with standard beam rifle, 1 light sabre, couple of
>>missile racks...that's what I can remember.
>But can't even the Shining Gundam's "Shining Finger" break through
>the I Field? What does the I Field do anyway aside from blocking
>beam attacks?

        Conceivably it can be done, but the question is if there would be time to
do that, or if the Pilot would use that...I would think that the NU pilot
should use the fannels to do multiple point attack on the G, which allows
the Nu itself to either join in or use its long-range attacks...of course,
if the Pilot is New Type, and a strong one at that, then all bets would be

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