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> hey guys
> i found this software that can translate japanese web pages into
> english... quite interesting
> anyone using it now?? its call TRANSLINGO by fujitsu... now u can read
> all the japanese website without problems!!

I tried the demo and its okay, but not perfect. What I want to know is, is
the full version of TRANSLINGO worth the $80 that it costs? I have found that
demos usually don't tell you much and usually the only way to know for sure
is to buy the full version and if it works good, great, and if not, try to
sale it at a low price to someone else. I got a lot of "unknown word"
messages and it translates "Gundam" as "Cancerdam"
As far as I could tell from the demo, there's no way to add words to this
translation program. I think the demo was a limited function demo, anyway.

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