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>> So I gather the bigger they are the easier it is to put
>> together. Also what do those scale numbers refer to.
>It depends. 1/44 is about 3 to 4 inches tall Gundam mecha, 1/100 is about 5
>to 7 inches tall Gundam mecha, and 1/60 about 12 inches tall. Gundam kits
>scale is different then regular model kits for some reason, which I haven't
>figured out why yet.

Gundams use different scales than models like tanks or planes becuase mecha
are usually *very* large, and the larger the actual model is the less
practical articulation(moving joints)becomes. As far as the numbers go,
they represent the actual fraction of the size/height the model has
compared to the original. A 1/60 scale model of a 60-foot gundam would be
12 inches high(30cm?). 1/144 has been a standard Gundam scale for a long
time, although a lot of 1/100 scale have been popping up.


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