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I say don't get something too simple to build because you won't build your
modeling skills if you do. Just get a couple of the regular Gundam models
(around the $10-15 range) anything that you like and build them. And don't
worry about the Japanese, the picture diagrams will show how everything
goes together. Once you feel confident, then move on to some models that
were terrible made like the Gp-02A kit, if you can make that look good then
you can build anything! :-)
After you've made a couple of the regular kits then move on to the
Hi-Grade, and Master-Grade, next thing you know you'll be building the
Perfect-Grade kits.

Basic Things you'll need; brushes for painting, finger nail cutter for
cutting the parts off the tree, model glue.

More technical things; file or sandpaper, airbrush, decal set, contour
putty or gap filler, primer, dull coat and gloss coat, and anything else
that helps you get the job done.

If you need any help just let me know.
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   I was wondering (since I'm totally new to modeling in general) what
be the best model to get for a beginner, and what supplies I would need to
get started. Also do you have to know Japanese to be able to put the

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