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> was wondering (since I'm totally new to modeling in general) what would
> be the best model to get for a beginner, and what supplies I would need to
> get started. Also do you have to know Japanese to be able to put the
> s
> together?
> yeah I new also. what would I need to put te models together? And would I
> need to know Japanese?

No knowlege of Japanese is required. I can't speak Japanese and I build them.
The manuals have very clear drawings of how the pieces fit together. If you
have built other model kits you can build these fine. A lot of them do not
require painting and glue, but with my experince, glueing the non-moveable
parts makes a kit feel more sturdy and stays togheter better. As with any
kit, almost all require painting to be 100% accurte, but you can get by
without painting. Start out with a few 1/144 scale kits first, as they are
the least costly and don't have a huge amount of parts. I usually never paint
mine, unless I need to. Example, some beam sabers, handles and blade all, are
made from one piece of clear pink or green, which bothers me, so I'll paint
the handles white like they are supposed to be. That's the kinda stuff I will

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