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>Yeah, Maso Kishin is a game, the actual title is: Super Robot Taisen
>Gaiden: Maso Kishin (Super Robot Wars Chronicles: Lord of Elementars).
>Yeah, there's a Psybuster anime in Japan, but although most of the names
>are the same, there are a lot of differences: the heroes are Ken and
>Mizuki (original characters) and the show features people such as Shuu
>Zoldark or Ryune Frank (you'll note how cheesy the whole thing is) and
>don't expect to find a known face, I'm really disappointed (at least the
>Psybuster was done in the Katoki way).
>As for Monica and Terius, I can't remember, if I've ever known.
>Regarding that hatred thing, last time I played Maso Kishin (I'm still
>in the first era of the game), Shuu had *again* changed his last name
>and was wiiling to resurrect Volkrus (sp?), the ultimate badass of La
>Geas, Masaki tried to stop him by fighting him but got his butt handled
>to him. Then, Pressia's father (can't remember his name but he's a
>genuinely good guy), tried to stop Shuu himself and died in the process,
>leaving an orphan daughter behind, I guess that would be an excellent
>reason (I'll have to replay the game to know what happens next).
>And for Ryune's Valshione R, I think someone explained it (it's a
>refined version of her own Valshion copy). I think it's piloted from the
>waist, but I might be wrong.

On what system is "Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Maso Kishin" then?
PlayStation I hope...

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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